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From Fear to Faith: Overcoming Anxiety and Receiving God's Promises

You are You manifested his doings in my life!! My first testimony is Fighting anxiety and depression over untimely deaths!! In Psalm 91:16 the lord has promised to satisfy me with long life and I hold dearly to his promise cause he never and will never fail!!! My second testimony is thanking God for his mercies and faithfulness in my life and family, I Thank God for the gift and blessings of Pastor Nathaniel Bassey and Hallelujah Challenge! I can’t thank him enough for his loving kindness! I wished for a new wig at the last concluded 7th days perfected praise hallelujah challenge and on the very last minute we ended I got a call for my new wig!! Praise God!! Thank you Almighty God! Thank you, Promise Keeper!! Truly YOU ARE YOU!


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