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From Debt to Deliverance: How God Paid My School Fees Debt

I am a Liberian and came as an International Student in Cyprus. Things weren’t easy for me but I’m grateful that this Journey here brought me closer to God.I have been a part of the Hallelujah Challenge since 2022 but this February 2024, I dedicated EVERY PART of me to it. I had a long-standing school fees Issues and my school system was closed (having no access to my courses) sometime in 2022 but reopened when I managed to pay some of my debt. By the grace of God, I completed all my Masters courses and graduated but I couldn’t get my documents because of my debt. During this Hallelujah Challenge, one of my Prayer requests was “MY SCHOOL FEES DEBT WILL BE PAID BEFORE THE END OF MARCH” even though I didn’t know how.

On the 20th of March, the Holy Spirit inspired me to replay the February Hallelujah Challenge every night. On the 23 of March, I received a call from a friend in the United States of America telling me to send my information in order to send this school fees I have cried over the years for.

My debt was 1,735 Euros and this friend sent me 2,000 USD. For more than 20 minutes, I was speechless, my hands were on my head just as Pastor Nathaniel said we will sing “Jesus Iye” with our hands on our head. I’m grateful to God. Indeed, God answers prayers. Thank you, Pastor Nathaniel.Thank you Hallelujah Challenge Team.


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