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Want to partner with us?

Do you want to give to the Hallelujah Challenge? Find helpful information below.

Please note that we do not solicit funds privately, via social media DMs or through agents or third parties. 

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Dearly Beloved,


We are glad and thankful of your desire to partner with what God is doing through the Hallelujah Challenge. In a bid to ensure accountability and transparency with regards to your giving, we would like to state that the proceeds from the Hallelujah challenge will be directed towards the following:

1. Run the Challenge which includes but not limited to; renting of space, purchase and maintenance of musical and media equipment, feeding of the team, purchase of data for streaming and occasional gifting of free data to Hallelujah Challenge followers that may need data support.


2. Honorarium for the team which includes the Hallelujah Challenge crew, media team, prayer facilitators and guest ministers (music and word). This honorarium is exclusive of Pastor Nathaniel Bassey. Please note that Pastor Nathaniel has opted not to receive any monetary gift from the Hallelujah Challenge account.

However, monetary gifts to Him may be sent directly to his personal account on request only.


By making donations the Hallelujah Challenge (through the registered entity - Hallelujah Challenge Gospel Music Initiative), you are undertaking that you have read and understood the above and that you are making any donation voluntarily from your lawful income without any compulsion or solicitation from Pastor Nathaniel Bassey or any other person associated with the Hallelujah Challenge.

Complete the form, to download giving details

Thanks for your interest in giving to the Hallelujah Challenge. You may give via flutterwave: 

To give via transfer, download account info at

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