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Turning Financial Crisis into Overflow and Answered Prayers

Praise the Living God

Testimony time.

Indeed we have testimonies to share in my family:

2023 February: We were in serious financial issues and we brought the case to Hallelujah Challenge. I am into real estate, and I listed names of potential clients in my journal for the challenge, practically there was no hope anywhere again, and we needed to sort a lot of bills and debts by that month end.

Towards the end of the challenge, it was early in the morning, after we had taken down the account details of the invited ministers to sow seeds individually to them, a mail dropped from a client I had earlier mailed at the beginning of the month, that I should send him offers (estates) available, like a dream, I sent him details and he picked two estates with two plots each, like magic, he made complete payments.

As if that wasn’t enough, the following day, a referral from an existing client called me and we had a long conversation, at the end, he said he only had 3 million naira now to spare on investment, the second day he made the deposit.

By first week in March of 2023, we cleared all the debts with other bills sorted, and we still had more than enough.

Second hallelujah challenge in 2023, that should be November I guess, I remember that I came home with my friend's car during the dress like your miracle session. We had been praying about getting a car with specification on our journals, so I used my friend’s car key to pray that night. Fast forward to march this year, 2024. God gave us the car as it was written in our journal, the exact specifications and with ease.The only thing left in our journal is Fruit of the womb, our twins, which I believe God has done it already, I am coming back with testimony.


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