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From Waiting List to Acceptance: My Journey into Nurse Practitioner Program

Hallelujah!! my month of supernatural helps and month of perfected praise. I applied for 3 master’s degree at the university for nurse practitioner program. I got my first rejection letter in March and honestly, i was not really sad. I just had strong faith in God and believed if it was His will for me this year then He would grant me admission into NP school. In May I got a waiting list letter that pretty much said I was not rejected neither was I accepted, just on the waiting list. Shockingly I wasn’t really intentionally praying about it. I Joined Hallelujah challenge from day one, admission wasn’t even on my prayer list then the Holy Spirit reminded me on June 1/2024 to write it in my prayer journal.  

BRETHREN I GOT MY ADMISSION LETTER JUNE 3/2024 please join me in thanking my Heavenly Father.


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