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Miraculous Visa Approval and Pregnancy: Trusting God's Faithfulness

During October 2023 HC, I was trusting God for my visa approval to go join my husband. I wrote in my journal, danced in my room ( I have videos to show evidences) wearing a hoodie by faith and the spirit of lord told me to make it two in one faith, I immediately put a cloth under my hoodie on top of my tummy because I have always had fear of getting delay in child birth because my mother waited 6 years before she had me so I believed it can be hereditary but the spirit of God told me to dance in the house with clothes under my hoodie on my belly. The lord did it! I got my visa approval in December 2023, travelled in February to meet my husband and currently I am pregnant.The Lord is good, I give God all the glory. Thank you, Jesus for Pastor Nath and Hallelujah Challenge.


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