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Miraculous Recovery of My Parcel

I had a parcel with a rough estimate of #2,000,000 coming in from Nigeria to the UK in April ending, it arrived in UK and was due to be delivered to my address 7th of May but got stuck, later DHL told me the parcel is missing that I should file a claim, which I know will not profit me. I was very sad and started praying about it, few days ago, pastor Nat gave a word of knowledge about delayed cargo, I took that word as mine and I started declaring that parcel is found and released, yesterday when a man shared a testimony about his cargo been released, I felt a little discouraged as I have not heard anything, but immediately I said I use him as a point of contact for my parcel. Today 5th of June, my parcel was delivered. This is me saying thank you Jesus, thank you to the hallelujah challenge team, God bless and keep you Pastor Nat. Amen.


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