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From Cargo Recovery to House Renovation and Healing

The Day 2 (May 30th) of the ongoing May/June '24 Hallelujah Challenge was for me. Pastor Nath gave a word of knowledge about the following:

1. Completion of renovation (I am keying into that Word for the renovation of my father's house in Ibadan that I am trying to complete)

2. Autism: I am holding on to the Word of God for the complete healing/deliverance from autism for my 12-year-old son, Nisimi

3. Then "about stuck cargo", this particular one has happened: On Wednesday 29th May morning, I way-billed 2 suitcases from Ibadan to Abuja, expected to arrive evening of the same day. I got a call on Thursday 30th morning that the bus bringing the suitcases had an accident around Owo, killing the driver and 2 passengers (may God rest their souls) and because FRSC was involved, the passengers and all luggage were being held and they did not know when and how they will be dispersed.I keyed into the word of knowledge about the "recovery of cargo'. I started praising God, even though I had to fight off doubt every now and again, especially whenever I called to inquire about my "cargo" and no positive update.On Monday June 3rd, I got a call that my suitcases were returned intact back to Ibadan.glory to God!


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