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How the Hallelujah Challenge Restored My Hope and Victory

Good afternoon, Pastor Nath.

May God bless you, strengthen you and keep you and your ministry. Amen.

It was during the Hallelujah Challenge October Edition that God revealed himself to me.

So, some time last year my husband was arrested by his former company. There was a serious misunderstanding between him and his bosses, he was accused of fraud so the case was really a serious one, I had nowhere to go, no one to run to but God. My husband was taken out of the state to a different state, and later brought back to Lagos state. They threatened to take him to court and then to Kirikiri.

To cut the long story short.

My husband was kept in the cell for a while...and I was told I would have to pay some millions so he can be released.

October Hallelujah Challenge started. I would cry all morning till night, but once its 12midnight, I am excited and relieved with a different kind of peace that comes with that excitement.

So, on one of the days, God spoke to me through you PASTOR NATH. The words were "there's some one that has a court case and I see a prison gate opened but the prison gate is shut and will not take that person in Jesus name” and I shouted Amen...I confirmed God heard me and wasn't silent all the while he sees all that is going on. I confirmed I wasn't alone that night.

Each time I prayed I decreed that no prison gate shall be open unto my husband, no prison gate shall welcome him in and I would use the theme Bible passage Act 16 25&26 and I would call his name just as you taught us. Sometimes I wear his clothes. I feel Goosebumps even as I'm typing this.

I got used to praying. One thing I know is I kept my Faith.

You would always say testimonies will flow while the challenge is going on and after the challenge, that alone strengthens me because of the connection I have with you Pastor Nath. The challenge was almost over he was still there. The hallelujah festival came and past. The last day of the challenge that was a day after the festival, God showed himself that he is not a man that he should lie, therefore his words must come to pass. That early morning after the Hallelujah Challenge (the last day), The IPO in charge of my husband's case called me to come bail my husband. That was my "Jesus Iye" with tears rolling down my eyes.

Testimony no 2

Before the beginning of this May/June Hallelujah Challenge, I was always seeing you Pastor Nath and I kept wondering why. I didn't even know there was a May/June hallelujah challenge because I was off social media. I kept telling myself that it should be June/July if there would be any but when I kept seeing you, a song was put on my lips that was " Olunrun Agbaye". The very day this may/June hallelujah challenge started I played that song not knowing the challenge had already started. At night I couldn't sleep so I was like “this one I keep seeing Pastor Nath, let me even check his Instagram which I did and saw the post. Day 1 was down already. I missed that day so I joined day 2. Then day 3, you confirmed the word of God to me.

Sometime last year after the October Challenge, God gave me the name of my son, "JUDE" but I wondered why Jude when there are other beautiful names and before then I have been asking God for a male child even after I had my daughter. He gave me that name and you confirmed it on day 3. You said you heard a name I really can’t pronounce that name, but it starts with letter 'M' and you said when you checked the name it means MALE CHILD and I knew that was for me else why did I join the challenge, why did I keep seeing Pastor Nath. You brought me that message from God and I had to be there to witness it, receive it and have it.

“Olorun Abaye" by Nathaniel Bassey and Shalom (Jehovah my peace) by Victoria Orenze are the songs for this season. Pastor Nath, you spoke of rest throughout this May/June challenge. That was a confirmation of Jehovah my peace.



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