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How God Provided for My Internship Against All Odds

I needed to get my curriculum practical training approval so I can do my internship this summer. Now I have to be registered during the semester I am to do the internship. My graduate assistantship only covers fall and spring semesters, meaning I have to either pay the tuition over $3000 or I forfeit the employment I got that took me over 7months to get or I do mago mago, register briefly, upload the document, get approval, then unregister but that would not only be a sin but also a crime, I just couldn’t do it. Yesterday, June 3rd, 2024, when Pastor Nath asked us to tell God 2 things we needed help with, I laid this at God’s feet. At midnight I also asked God to give my advisor a solution, an idea because we planned to meet later that day.Pastor Nath! I told God I did not want to lie or sin. I met with my advisor, we couldn’t figure anything out. We just followed actual protocol, registered and she was brainstorming and making calls for me. I went back home. Immediately I entered the house, my advisor emailed me saying she spoke to another staff in the department and they have spare money that can pay my tuition for the summer and I will also get a summer stipend.See! When I prayed yesterday, I had said God can even pay this tuition and I’ll even get paid too. God heard me!!!!! God did not only pay the tuition, He provided financial blessing in form of a summer stipend as well. God is intentional about me. I am so thankful to God.


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