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From Visa Challenges to Generational Blessings

Hello everyone,  I want to thank God for Hallelujah  Challenge because since day one of Hallelujah  challenge  he has been faithful.Secondly I want to thank God  for how far he has brought me and where he's taking me to.Thirdly in February I needed a change of visa, I didn't want to go for student route i.e post study, so I gathered  money for PSW only for me to see that the money was increased based on the recent  rule from 2000 pounds to 3000 pounds, so I cried terribly because where do I get the remaining 1000p from, so I connected to Hallelujah Challenge crying. I thanked God for a cos for myself before the end of the February edition, I applied for PSW then one week after I got the cos too.Fourthly, I thank God for giving me the grace to be a blessing to people’s family since I relocated to the United Kingdom. I currently started with sending 2 children to school but to the glory of God I have 4 primary school children and 5 university students I’m sending to school by myself. It can only be Jesus because I haven’t for one day said I can’t pay their fees, because Jesus has made provisions.Thank you Jesus because only You can do it!I'm thanking God for my profitable employment because he has given me an employment that will make me a generational blessing to people. Thank you Jesus!



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