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From Tears to Triumph: How Hallelujah Challenge Changed My Life

I got a job in Lagos in 2022 and since then I have been trying to get an apartment of my own but everything I tried to raise funds for the house always failed. No matter how I tried, it failed so I gave up on trying and waiting for God to help me. It really got to the point that I cried daily, I was squatting with friends and got really tired, it started affecting me in all ways, raising funds was almost like the most difficult thing to achieve in my life. I also tried changing jobs due to the toxicity of the work environment. In short words, getting an apartment and changing my job became unaccomplished in my life. I joined hallelujah challenge with the believe that God would help me and sure, He came out big for me. What was impossible in my life became possible, I got a beautiful apartment that's very satisfying and an international job working here in Nigeria. The bible says, even if our faith is as little as a mustard seed, it will move mountains. God moved this mountain for me and I will be forever grateful. Thank you Jesus, thank you Pst Nath and team. May your oil never run dry. Amen.


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