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From Despair to Joy: How God Transformed My Life Through Hallelujah Challenge

In November-December 2023 I was battling rejection, disappointment, failure, shame, brokenness and loneliness in a foreign country which made me go into depression. For months I never left the house, and I was all by myself alone, at that point I remember praying telling God that if you brought me to UK from Africa to put me to shame then God let me die, and I was hoping and praying that a car could one day run over me so I could die but during the Hallelujah Challenge this year, the first day 20 minutes before the program started I was chatting with my friend from Ghana who asked why I was not sleeping if I was waiting for Hallelujah Challenge but I didn't say anything, I just changed the story because I didn't know what Hallelujah Challenge was. So, after the chat, I decided to go on YouTube and search for the program, I found and joined it from day one to the last day, as I praised God during the challenge I asked God to give me joy and peace and from that day, I am a happy and joyful person like I was never before.  This time nothing and I mean nothing shakes me off in difficult situation, I still have joy and praise God in all situations. This time all I see is the mercy of God beyond me. Thank you, through this program I have learnt how to worship and praise God beyond challenges.


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