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From Debt and Despair to Divine Intervention: My Journey with Hallelujah Challenge

. I started Hallelujah Challenge last year's edition in October 2023, that was the first time I started taking praise and worship seriously, as someone who is in a huge financial debt and surrounded with all sort of trouble, I did everything to encourage myself while worshipping and praying to God for a second chance.After every session, I'd read and listen to testimonies, I won't lie, I envied the testifiers. I felt unlucky and forgotten by God till a friend explained to me that the people I was envying most likely began to pray for their miracles long before I started to praise, she also told me to focus on my own relationship with God, she also said that God may DO IT for me with seconds and not years like He did for others. As a newly convert, it made sense to me instantly.Fast forward to November 2023, I joined the Oasis conference, I even went to VI center to fully participate in the program and in doing so I noticed that the more I went to church the more my worries and troubles increased. Then one day, I decided to start appreciating God for the little blessings and things became much better for me. Because I now know what to read and what to sing, I was given hope and zeal to know Him more.Fast forward to February 2024, I and my partner were praying to God for mercy and finances to relocate, so every night I'd pray along with our travel passports on HC Feb 2024 edition, gradually we were able to relocate within the challenge period.Sadly, I didn't remember to testify about His goodness and mercy because the chaos we were in wouldn't have allowed us to travel if it weren't for God's mercy and interference during the challenge.So we got to our location with no money and no place to stay, in fact the travel agency we used couldn't deliver, what we imagined as a second chance became a mistake. Without our resident permit, our movement and chances of getting a job were impossible. It got so bad that we began to call home for our needs. Then, PN announced the perfected praise challenge, reluctantly I didn't write my requests as he instructed us to (I honestly don't know why I didn't but it makes sense now)With a huge time difference, I made sure my alarm was set right and loud enough. This time around, I didn't join alone, I recruited my siblings to do so too, I shared the links every time and sent them airtime to make sure they took part in it. Which they did.I praised every night from beginning to the end, I was never bored nor logged out for any reason.So on day 5, PN said dress according to your miracle and for the first time, I obliged. Even though I don't have specific clothes for my miracle, I decided to wear a new pair of shoes that I brought from Nigeria and I held my green passport and my son's toy whom I've not seen for almost 10 months. It didn't make sense but I danced with these items. Hopeful and joyous, it was that night that I realized what it meant to praise in your darkest times.Day7 came and I made sure to be actively involved with the challenge from beginning to end.After the challenge came to an end, I've been sleeping with thoughts of my dad because he has been sick for the past 16-20 days. Hoping that God will miraculously heal him.Today, second day after hallelujah Challenge our travel agency sent a mail that my resident permit ID is finally out To God be the glory, after staying in doors for nearly 2months with the fear of being deported, I'm beyond excited and grateful to God. Even though my husband's own is not yet out and my dad is still sick, I am more than hopeful that God won't forsake me same way He didn't forsake me with my permit all will be sorted out at His own time.I return here this time to testify for God never fails to reward at the right time, thank you Jesus.Also, thank you Pastor Nathaniel Bassey and the Hallelujah Challenge team, God bless and protect you all.


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