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From Application to Appointment: My Water to Wine Miracle in Less than 24 Hours!

Water to Wine in Less than 24 Hours!!!!!!!I have returned to give glory to God for turning my Water to Wine in less than 24 Hours.I have always been aware of the Hallelujah Challenge but the May/June 2024 edition is the first I am attending with utmost commitment. I have been believing God for a miracle job in a particular organization. I had sent in countless applications over several months without positive feedback but when Pastor Nathaniel asked us to dress like our testimony on day 5 of the challenge, I did so by faith.People of God, I know God answers prayers but I didn't know I would receive my wine this quickly. By 12 noon today, I received a message from my prospective employer that they had been trying to reach me and I should call as soon as possible. Upon calling back I was told that they would like to offer me a role in their organization. However, I mentioned to them that I wasn't in the country at the moment, and to the glory of God, I was told that I should visit their office as soon I am available. I return to give Glory to God for turning my water into wine in less than 24 hours.Praise the Lord!!!!!!


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