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Divine Recall: Overcoming Exam Fear with God's Help

Hallelujah, this God that we serve, He is a great God.I'm in the season of exams before I go to university in September and with all the exams I have had so far, my prayers have been that God helps me study what will come out and so far, He has been doing just that. What is now even greater is that I had this particular exam of which I had studied for but to an extent I was still fearful because there were large areas of it that I did not focus on, so before the exam I was afraid but then the song Pastor Nathaniel Bassey sang that said YOU ARE YOU came into my mind and I started singing it and after the fear disappeared. I got into the exam and I saw the first question, I had studied it but I forgot the answers to it and at first I was discouraged but then I left it and came back to it and I prayed that God removes whatsoever it was that was blocking my memory from remembering those answers and I tell you not even 1 minute later all these answers began to come into my head, something that I had tried remembering before and immediately I prayed they came back to me and I remembered that truly God is who HE says HE is. Glory be to God.


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