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Deliverance from Car Accident

During the last HC, there was a day Pastor Nat said “I cancel the car accident”, it was at the end of the session, it was like after he was about to finish, he already blew the trumpet and thanked all other associates, then he said that car accident has been cancelled, it will not take your life, then he said you will testify about this. I think it was day number 6, same day early in the morning our next-door neighbor knocked at our door, asking if we are the ones who own the cat. There was a strange cat sitting on our mat, we live in the UK and have been here for 13 years, I have never seen a cat got missing, our neighbor said the cat was crying the whole night on our doormat, she thought it was ours and she kept it in her flat, she said the cat was just peeing and pooping and decided to leave her house and ran straight to our door. We never had a cat before and our flat has two main security doors which are always closed. The neighbor was shocked how the cat got access and she thought we were lying and that it is ours. It was so strange, so when we were going out, we took water, prayed for it and turned it into the blood of Jesus and sprinkled it all over our mat and corridor. The devil planned to execute us that day, but the Blood of Jesus said Noooo!!! Our car caught fire, by His grace we managed to come out from the car. Immediately the word of Pastor Nat came to us, we said to each other “remember what Pastor Nat said.” The car is beyond repair. Another strange thing is that fire started from the middle of the car, everyone who came was shocked when they saw the video because normally fire either starts from the boot or bonnet but this one started from the gearbox.


-Elizabeth & Frank

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