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Divine Intervention: Saved from a Deadly Gas Explosion

Perfect Morning Pastor Nat. Please I want the entire hallelujah challenge audience to help me thank God. God has delivered me from death. I wonder how the explanation would have been if the wishes of my enemies came to pass. Indeed, it would have been heavy words for frail lips but for God's mercy. I am grateful.

Being a member of Koinonia, I attended church physically on Sunday the 3rd. As usual myself and a dear friend went super early in the morning for a service that would start by 5pm and end around 10pm. It was tiring, in fact yesterday's own had been super tiring because I got home at almost 11pm, I didn't bother sleeping so I don't miss day 5 of the very special Hallelujah Challenge. I also decided to bathe after since I was going to be sweaty when done. With sleepy eyes and wobbly feet, I still danced and participated to the best of my knowledge in the challenge. During the time, it was really cold for me and I had a prompting to put the water on fire before the challenge ends so I could easily use it, I gave excuses that it'd boil and waste gas because the challenge won't be over early. I then went after the challenge to put the water on the table gas cooker and proceeded to align my playlist for the night at around 1:30am. Pastor! before I slept off or even when I did, I had no single idea, I just know I woke up out of the blue with a start at 3: 30+am to a very strange smell. Following to the kitchen, I saw the underneath of my kettle looking very reddish and hot, like something that was near melting point, even my iron back door was sweating profusely. I quickly turned off the gas and proceeded to opening the door. This God we've stood before for 5 nights showed me Mercy. With how hot the glass table gas was and the intense change of color on the interior and exterior of my kettle, it was only a matter of minutes before an explosion would have taken place. You see this God! to Him alone I owe it all, my life especially. What would have been said of me?!... that at midnight of the 3rd day of a new month, even so on my brother’s birthday, I passed. My parents may not survive it but God gave me a testimony instead. Please Pastor Nath, I want the whole tribe of this challenge to help me dance and thank this God, because for 2hrs, there was a warfare between life and death for me and life prevailed. Hallelujah Hallelujah!



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