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Divine Protection: A Testimony of My Daughter's Miraculous Escape from a Fire

I want to return all Glory and Praise to this God that did not allow me to lose my daughter in a fire incident this morning. She poured a little fuel on a material to be burnt and struck the match. She said in her mind she saw the fuel as kerosene. The fire caught her hands and entered the keg of fuel. It was when the fire started burning in the keg that she realized she was in danger. She called for help and thank God the driver rushed, picked the keg of fuel and fire and threw it across the fence and the keg exploded. To God be the Glory both my daughter, the driver, the six cars packed in the compound and the house are completely safe. I keyed into the testimonies of Pastor Nath and the other lady about their children's deliverance and prayed for my own children. I got very tired during the grand finale but my spirit kept on urging myself to wait for the trumpet sound. This Hallelujah challenge is for me. Lord Jesus, I thank you. Thank you and thank you from now to eternity my Father.


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