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Divine Financial Breakthrough: Restored and Elevated Business Opportunities

I was hoping for God to make a breakthrough in my finance because in January this year one of my partners in business left and took my contracts, money, took everything leaving me broke with nothing.On the 3rd day of the Hallelujah Challenge; Perfected Miracles, I got a phone call from an old friend saying she is opening a business and they want to make a place for me to display my product and will not take anything from me, all the proceeds will be for me, and that's not all, they will buy my products and will propose to their clients. She ended the call saying; “please accept, all the investors want you and they don’t see this project happening without you.” She said she wanted to wait before announcing the news to me but she couldn’t sleep.I was so shocked! All glory to God, for He is good and kind.He turned my water into wine!


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