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Divine Deliverance: Set Free from Spiritual Hindrances

After the 7 days special HC, on the night of day 7, I had 2 dreams. The first was a dream of deliverance. I was in a gathering with mostly family and it felt like things were leaving my body. I remember I was screaming, praying and chanting. I felt very light after the deliverance session. 2nd dream. Myself and a group of people were attempting to cross an intersection and a mad man kept hindering me in particular and scaring me away, he was chanting things I couldn’t understand then suddenly, Pastor Nath showed up behind him and started praying and commanded this man to be still. He quoted a scripture and the mad man just stood and was speaking to himself. I then crossed to the other side successfully without any hindrance. I give God all the glory and thank Him for permanent deliverance. God bless you Pastor Nath for yielding to instructions and calling.


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