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Water to Wine: Miracle of Divine Intervention

My water to wine story has begun !!!! This kind God another one no dey ooo!!! Jesus Iye!!! Greetings Pastor Nathaniel Bassey. My testimonies are as follows:-

Negative account balance reverted - Court case dismissed and canceled in less than 24hours!! Infact God has blown me away!!!! Eeei!!! Hmmm! To the extent that I asked the clerk if there’s a mistake, she said no! God is powerful!

Student loan payment period extended. When the same company told me they would not do so, they are terminating the agreement and taking me to court.

Prayer request: I am praying this student debt disappears in Jesus name. Thank you God! Thank you, Jesus!!! Thank you Holy Spirit!Thank you Pastor Nathaniel and the entire Hallelujah challenge team/crew. God bless you mightily!!!.


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