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Water to Wine - Medical Posting

Praise the Lord!!! This is my water to wine testimony.I’m a medical doctor in Ghana. In Ghana we have 2 years of House job with a temporary license before you get your permanent license. I finished my 1st year of House job last month and submitted my logbooks for 1st year and was waiting for my 2nd year posting. There were a lot of questions about “have you been posted?” “Why is it taking long to get your posting?”. But I just had this peace and faith that God was going to work things out for me. I always thanked God for answering me even before getting my posting. On day 5 of HC, I wrote it in my notebook and wore my lab coat and danced like never before. And by God’s grace I was consistent throughout this HC. Just some hours after the finale of the HC, I got my posting. I didn’t just get posted to any hospital but I got where I kept praying to God and thanking God for.I want to say a big thank you to God, Pastor Nathaniel and the whole HC team for this testimony and I know there’s more to come.I was replaying the day 6 Hallelujah challenge and at 1hour 19mins, Pastor Nat prophesied that there’s a medical doctor believing God for a hospital and it’s a water to wine story.

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