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Miraculous Healing: How God Healed Me From PCOS

. I had been bleeding since 2021 just few months before I got married. After then I had been sick from one thing to another.I was diagnosed with PCOS on the 26th of May.I had been in denial all the while because everyone had been suspecting. I joined the Hallelujah Challenge the day it started. I wasn’t even paying attention but I had it playing because I was preparing for a test and my phone was on my tummy. Out of nowhere Pastor Nath mentioned PCOS, and I jumped up and took the prayer serious. It was the next day I got the doctor’s report but I said I have prayed yesterday so this report is not mine.I have joined this challenge like never before. This is my first time joining. and to the glory of God this is my 5th day without wearing a pad, like there is no blood. O Lord, I thank you for the word you have released upon my life. Thank you for remembering me and thank you for using Pastor Nathaniel in my life. Glorryyy!


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