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From Negative to Positive Lab Results - A Divine Turnaround

During the 1st day of the very special Hallelujah Challenge, PN mentioned polycystic ovarian cyst is destroyed. At that particular moment, I had been holding my lower abdomen while praying and I was stunned so I moved directly in front of my device in my red robe, PN reiterated that the person has on a red dress and looking directly at him and I was like whoaa! I thank God for this great healing.

Follow up testimony;

on day 3, I had run up some lab tests earlier in the day and the results came up really bad so I prayed and wrote in my journal for an overturn of the lab results. Almost immediately I finished writing, PN mentioned that the negative doctor’s results were overturned. I keyed in and kept praying. Just yesterday I received a revised report with all the positives lab results turned negative. THIS CAN ONLY BE GOD. Hallelujah!!!!Thank God for PN and his team.


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