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Miracle of Healing and Restoration

Hallelujah indeed God is who he says he is. For weeks now I have been sleeping more regularly than normal so I called my GP and she had asked me to come in for a blood test which I did then Just two days ago, I received a call from my GP saying that I had low kidney function I was shocked and sad after all I already had a lot happening in my life. So, I called my brother and cried that I want to come home I want my mum, and he advised me to pray that coming home won’t solve the issue at hand then I realized the GP also made a statement saying it might also be the machine that had issues so I told myself that has to be it because I refuse to accept any negative reports from the devil. I told two of my friends that prayed with me and for me reminding me of God’s words and promises. That day I said I won’t cry that I will only cry when I get the correct report as the GP asked me to come do another blood test yesterday. During the Hallelujah challenge I prayed and told God that I want to cry not because of the report but for his goodness and just right there Pastor Nathaniel Bassey said some people will wail and just in that moment I wailed. After that I just knew my next cry will be when my 100% health report comes back. Just today at 9:11am I received the report of God and it reads that my kidney is back to normal 100% and I just started singing and praising God telling Him He is indeed who He says He is. You are indeed You Jesus!


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