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Miracle Healing

Hallelujah ooooooooo!!!!

In January 2020, I gave birth to a Babyboy in Toronto Canada. On his first checkup, I mentioned to his doctor that we had seen tiny dots of pink/red stains in his diaper. His doctor panicked seriously and sent us for a scan immediately. He did his first scan at about 4days old. When the results came out and his doctor reviewed it, he panicked even further and told us there was an issue with a valve that helps him release urine and he will need to be scheduled for a surgery immediately as it was an emergency and if it is not done soon, in a few months, it will be a fatal condition, but first, he will need to refer us to a different hospital that will be able to handle us. I told him it is well. He said I didn’t understand what he said. I told him that my son will be just fine. Nothing is wrong with him.

He referred us to a hospital called Sick Kids. Infact, the name of this hospital made me even more angry in my spirit. While waiting for our appointment at Sick Kids hospital, Pastor Nath announced hallelujah challenge February 2020. I connected to this challenge and I cried to God with all my heart for the health of my Babyboy. In February 2020, we went for our appointment and they requested to do another scan first. After the scan, a nurse came to me and said that they didn’t see anything and wanted to know why we were there. I explained everything to her and she said nothing was seen on the scan and that my baby was perfectly fine and we should go home! She said there was no need to see the Pediatric Surgeon because he had nothing to say to us! Hay!!! Jesus oooo!!!!

I want to thank the God that sees me, the God that answers prayers, the God that heals, the God that speaks and does what he said. My son is 4years plus now and is perfectly healthy to the glory of God! There has been no issue with him whatsoever!


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