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Healing from Ovarian Cyst: The Lord's Power Revealed

Good morning sir, I want to testify of the Goodness and healing power of the Lord in my life.

7 years ago, I was diagnosed of Ovarian Cyst and was admitted at the hospital for days, after that I was told it has dissolved and was discharged to go home. In April, I started having the same symptoms and I went for checkups and the scanned showed nothing but the pain was very severe, the doctor prescribed drugs and I took them. The pain went away but when the drugs were finished it came back fresh like nothing happened. Few days before the challenge started, I went to see the doctor again and they prescribed the same drugs, I was taking them but no improvement, then I decided to see another doctor but to the Glory of God and the shame of the devil, on the first day of the perfected praise challenge the Holy Spirit through you located me and you mentioned Cyst, I felt the power of God upon me and since then the pain has disappeared. I know I’m healed in Jesus’ name. Thank you, man of God.


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