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Healed of Chronic Bleeding

I had been bleeding since 2021 just few months before I got married. Many times, I go one month off 3 months bleeding, 2 months off 1 month on. It was just very very irregular and abnormal. I kept praying to God hoping for it to stop I also visited the gynecologist but it sometimes seemed like they didn’t know the right course of treatment to prescribe. I did series of tests. They placed me on contraceptives, hormonal medicines, etc.

Nothing was working permanently. 2021, 22,23,2024. In all of these I have also been falling sick in and out o. I had ulcer that almost took my life, I reduced from a size 14 to almost size 6, hip pain, back pain, headaches, eye issues, depression, like everything was happening to me.

Even after relocating to join my husband in 2022 this bleeding was not stopping. I was wearing pad almost everyday day.

In the country I’m in, access to healthcare is a daunting task so I decided to go private for 2nd opinion (my local GP referred me to public hospital and they suspected PCOS and also talked about infertility. They also prescribed more contraceptives which I decided not to take).

Fast forward to the 27th of May, I was finally diagnosed with PCOS.

The hallelujah challenge started on the 26th (I saw it on a friend’s post and decided to join). I was determined to join (my first time) but at the same time I was preparing for a test for the next day. I joined with one phone placed on my tummy while I was using the other to practice for my test. My attention to the program was 40% and all of a sudden, I heard Pastor Nath pray against PCOS. I immediately jumped up and took the prayers seriously and I said that this isn’t a mere coincidence. I became determined to finish this challenge to the end day 7. It was the next day I had my PCOS diagnosis. I had been in denial for the past months but as this doctor was talking, I was sad and same time rejecting because God sent a word for me the day before. I stood on the word like I wasn’t letting go.

Since the 28th of May, people of God, I have not had to wear a pad. Jesus Christ! After Day 4, Pastor declared a baby boy (a sister had dreamt few days ago that I had a baby boy). Day 5 dress like your miracle, day 6 he mentioned a lady with menstrual issues. Haaaa Godddddddd. Jesus Iyeeeeee. I’m still saying this isn’t a mere coincidence. I’m typing this without bleeding. Isn’t God goooddd. Thank you Jesus, thank you Lord, thank you Pastor Nath. God bless my husband for his love and understanding. Thank you Jesus. My healing shall be permanent forever. The baby I’m trusting God, I stand on God’s word that I will conceive before this year runs out. This time next year I will be carrying my baby. I will forever serve God oooo!


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