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From Resentment to Engagement: Trusting God's Timing and Transformation

Dear Pastor Nath, The Lord has done it finally! October 2023, I joined Hallelujah Challenge with faith and one of my requests was marriage. After seeing your post on Kingdom marriage, I decided to join. After the challenge, I had confidence.  I started saying with certainty that I'll get married next year (2024). At that time, I had someone in my life but we were having issues primarily because of resentment and distrust from a past event and it was not looking like anything would happen. Nonetheless I trusted God to either break me from it and send me my own or to change my hearts posture. Fast forward December 2023, my hearts posture changed. April 2024, I got engaged. I wanted to wait till the wedding to share this but I felt the Lord nudging me to share it now. This is me obeying. Returning the glory to whom its due.


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