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A Wedding Manifested Through Perfect Praise

Hot! Hot! Hot! Testimony, As Ps. Nat mounts the stage after Min. Sumisola and sings ‘my faith has found a resting place…’, I hear in my spirit to put together my wedding guest list. I have a number of journals on my bed for specifics; Hallelujah Challenge notes, sermon notes, prophetic declarations etc. I’m asking God which one should I write in? I’m led to pick one and when I opened, I found a folded paper I wrote on months back. ‘Congratulations!!!’  is what’s written in it and I went ahead to open it fully and there was a drawing (cartoon) of me in a wedding gown. I usually sign and date such things. The date on this paper is 02/11/2023. I start screaming and I know my time has come indeed though like Mary there’s no man yet, I chose to say “Be it unto me oh Lord.”I’ve checked and 02/11 this year will be on a Saturday. Perfect day for my wedding. Infact Perfect Praise! Perfect Timing! Perfectly Perfect!!!Glory be to You oh Lord.


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