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From Denial to Divine Approval: How God Turned My Disappointment into a Blessing

God has been too good! I prayed for an approval in February 2023 during the challenge and unfortunately, I was denied, it made me question a lot of things including Gods love for me (silly me). I came back strong in October and wrote down my prayers in my journal, this time I was intentional, it didn’t make sense then because my prayers were hugeee, I still prayed about it this year in February during the challenge and to the glory of God, all but one has been ticked off because God has been so faithful. The last one is for my finals and by God’s grace I’ll share another round of testimony in February and that time in person. That disappointment last year was a blessing in disguise because currently I have an approval so huge that I don’t know how to thank God for blessing me. I just made sure to share my testimony to encourage anyone who feels left out or your current situation doesn’t make sense to you, just keep praying, your breakthrough will surely surprise you and you’ll come and share your testimony like I am right now.


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