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From Delays to Divine Breakthroughs: A Journey of Miraculous Turnarounds

On the 3rd Day of HC in Feb, I slept off after the Nigerian match. When I woke up that morning, I danced to HC and I had peace that delays in my family were over and that things will turn around for our good. I also asked God for a sign that my prayers have been answered. That evening, I got a message that my passport which had been delayed for months was finally ready, I started singing Jesus Iyeee. That night my sister in the US told us to pray along with her because they approved some other people’s passport and they updated her own as no material or something and it may be extended till next batch again after being delayed for years. I told her God will turn it around miraculously and I keyed into that morning’s praise again and told God that her issue must be reversed because He said he has ended delays in my family. I woke up the following morning and saw my sister’s message on our group chat that her green card has been approved. I was shocked (miracle shock).

Same week I went for an eye test and I was told I don’t have any ocular issues, just a refractive error. The last time I went for an eye test, the results were much worse and I’ve been scared about it for years but believed that week that I was healed so I gathered courage and went for the eye test and I was told I don’t have any major eye issues, just a refractive error. Even though I’m still using glasses, I believe my eyes are healed and my vision will be perfected to 20/20 vision miraculously very soon in Jesus Name.While people were sharing different job testimonies after the HC, I keyed into it and believed that I and my sisters would testify too. I had a job but the pay was very low. Out of nowhere, an opportunity came up which was multiple times my salary. Despite different difficult processes, even when it seemed impossible, I held on to God’s words and prayed through daily on NSPPD. I got the job! PRAISE GOD!

Pastor Nath, I saved up 1/3rd of my rent from my first salary, paid NGN350,000 to Hallelujah Challenge account and I’m still eating good. I told God in February that I’ve been hearing testimonies from HC for years and this year I want to experience and share my own testimonies and HE DIDN’T DISAPPOINT. I’m trusting God that He will provide an amazing job for my sister who lost her job last year. With the 7 days HC praise, I give thanks and testify in advance that he has done it and perfected all that concerns my family.



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