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Divine Intervention During the Hallelujah Challenge

The Halleluiah Challenge has been not just a blessing but a life-altering experience for me. I am deeply grateful to God for his constant presence and manifestation over the seven years of this altar of praise. While I have numerous testimonies, I am privileged to share one with you today.On June 3rd (Day 6) of the Halleluiah Challenge, while I was lying very weak and tired on my bed due to 10 days of heavy menstrual flow, Pastor Nath said he heard 'Angels that are doctors, doctors that are angels are coming my way (Time - 1:14:10 - 1:14:49) for someone with a menstrual issue and blood-related issue. Immediately, I said that God had heard me and sent his word to heal my condition, and immediately it happened. The flow stopped. Hallelujah!I want to say thank you, Jesus, for your perfection, and God bless you and the team, Pastor Nath, for being a good vessel of God.


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