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Divine Healing: Cancer Defeated through Faith and Prayer

God told cancer to flee! In 2020 a tumor was discovered in my breast and on my back. I had surgery to remove the tumor from my back and the tumor was benign.  The doctor did not want to cause too much scarring on my breast due to my age so he performed a biopsy. The tumor in my breast was inconclusive. I was in one of the best cancer centers in the state, being viewed by the best breast surgeon in that network & yet the result was inconclusive. I went for countless appointments, I sat with women going through cancer, the rooms I sat in throughout this season was filled with those that were sick with cancer but I and my father stood in faith - No not me! We began to pray. My father took me to every appointment and sat in the waiting room until Covid forced him to remain in the car. He prayed, I prayed and then I tuned into the Hallelujah Challenge. I had just finished my second biopsy when Pastor Nat told us to hold our chest and every lump shall shrink. I stood and held my chest praying that cancer had no place in me, I will be healed. The doctor that was with me on the journey was about to retire but yet continued to check on me! God's favor went ahead of me & the plan of cancel was destroyed! By the end of the year, I walked out of the cancer center with no signs of cancer found in me. Thank you Lord for protecting & keeping me!


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