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A Testimony of My Daughter's Hearing Restoration

Good evening, Pastor Nath God is good ohhhh. My daughter is almost two and was not hearing, talking nor walking. I told God I'm sowing my time, praise and worship, offerings during the 7days Perfected Praise Hallelujah Challenge as a seed for God to perfect all that concerns my daughter. First testimony is this year's challenge focused on children. Secondly on one of the days, Pastor Nath wore the same fabric my daughter and I have, that to me was a sign. Thirdly, yesterday, we went and redid a hearing test my daughter had done 2 months before now, and they got no signals and lo and behold my daughter passed her hearing exams. she's at normal hearing range now. They said we should be intentional about talking to her, maybe get a speech therapist. We will come for checks after every 6 months till the tubes fall. Then, when she turns three, we will do a more specific hearing test. Also, yesterday morning, when she woke up, she screamed a big No, I'm like did you just say No? Our God has done it yet again and I know all has fallen in place and I'll be coming with the testimonies daily not just for my daughter but for my entire family and I'm confident that my daughter will talk and walk in Jesus name. Thank you all for the prayers. it is working. God bless you abundantly


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