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A Testimony of Menstrual Miracle through Hallelujah Challenge

Day 6 of the Hallelujah challenge, I slept off, my alarm didn’t ring, I was so sad and almost cried because I didn’t want to miss any day, I wanted to go back to sleep but the Holy Spirit told me to go and watch the video at the time I woke up and Pastor Nathaniel prophesied about someone with Menstrual issues, and prayed against all issues of blood. I am that woman I cried and received it because the month passed by and I didn’t even see it and I am not pregnant. Since this year my period has been giving me cause for concern, I have even done 4 Scans because of this issue To the glory Of God through Hallelujah challenge I have received my healing. My period just came in as I am typing this!A day after the 7th my water turned to wine!


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