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We are grateful to God for the lives of every minister who blessed us during the course of the Hallelujah Challenge. What great blessings we received from the Sons and Daughters of God who ministered to us!

We are grateful for the sacrifices made by every minister - some of whom travelled thousands of miles to bless us. We appreciate the labor of love, the passion, the grace upon their lives, and their hunger to minister without charge.

In what can only be a divine move of God, during the Hallelujah Festival, we were blessed by three ministers who bear the name ‘Joe’ - Ministers Joe Praize, Joe Mettle, and Testimony Joe.  

Scriptures enjoin us to bless those who minister spiritual blessings to us, with our material gifts.

Hence, on this page, you can access information to be a blessing to every minister who ministered during the course of the Challenge. However, we encourage you to give willingly and cheerfully.

By accessing the details of the Ministers on this page, you confirm that the seed/love offering you intend to give to the minister(s) is from resources legitimately earned by you and that you are making the donation voluntarily. 


Pastor Terry MacAlmon was a great blessing to us at the Hallelujah Festival. As Pastor Nath explained during the Festival, Pastor Terry is a 'Priest of Worship' and we were mightily blessed by those evergreen gospel songs that take you to the throne room. 


There is a reason why Pastor Nath calls Minister Joe Praize the Minister of Joy and Heavenly Enjoyment. Did you see how much joy he exuberates? Not just him, but also his son. So much joy! We are grateful to God for the life of Minister Joe Praize - a real Emperor of Praize.

Mercy Chinwo is an anointed and talented vocalist. We were mightily blessed by her ministration. So blessed, that Pastor Nath led the Hallelujah Challenge Crew to an impromptu thanksgiving and celebration session, on the stage, during Minister Mercy's ministration.


Kadosh! Kadosh!! We thank God for Minister Joe Mettle. He led us into a place of pure worship. Thanks to God and the blessing of technology, Hallelujah Challenge is a Global Platform and it was exciting to be blessed by this servant of Christ from Ghana. 


When you enjoy an anointing once, as God permits, you want to tap into that anointing a second time. We were blessed to have Min. Ntokozo Mbambo be with us, for the second time, at the Hallelujah Festival. We received an anointing of two, as she was accompanied by her anointed and talented husband and producer, Nqubeko Mbatha.

Pastor Victoria Orenze has been a regular blessing to us at the Hallelujah Challenge, but the anointing she comes with is not regular. It is always fresh and powerful. You will always see why she is an inspiration to many young Christian women, an Oasis in a very dry world today.

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Pastor Bemigho Omayuku opened our eyes to scriptures in a way that we had not understood before. Now, we are not in doubt, that when God sends us on errands, we may face storms, but when we call upon him, we invite him into our situation. We are grateful to God for the blessing that Pastor B is in our lives. 

Pastor Tobi Popoola is not just a Pastor but a prophet. We are grateful to God for the seeing and hearing grace on Pastor Tobi’s life, that we partake in, at the Hallelujah Challenge. We are grateful to God for prayers that bring deliverance. We are grateful to God for prayers that help us enforce our liberties in Christ. 

Pastor Pat Akem is not just an ex-military General in the physical, he is very militant against sickness, and anything that stands against our rights in Christ. He taught us about ‘Wholesale healing’ and we are grateful to God his life, and how he is a continuous blessing to the hundreds of thousands that join the Hallelujah Challenge. 


We bless God for the life of Min. Eben. Aside being a blessed singer, the lyrics of his songs are testaments of our New Creation realities in Christ. We are thankful for the powerful praise and worship session that he led us in, leading us to hail the unfailing name of Jesus, and proclaim our victory in Christ.  

We are thankful to God for Apostle Joshua Selman for taking time out of his busy schedule, to bless us at Hallelujah Challenge. What great authority in the word! What admonition! What passion for prayer! What instruction and direction for triumphant living. We are grateful for the blessed live of Apostle Joshua Selman. 

Pastor Jerry Eze leads a prayer movement that has saved many, brought healing and deliverance to many around the world, and revived the spiritual lives of very many. So, when he takes time out of his very hectic schedule to come to the Hallelujah Challenge, to bless our lives, you see why we are thankful for the life of such a great but humble servant of Christ.


Pastor Ben is a pastor, a leader and mentor to many, and a technocrat and shining light in government. We are grateful for the blessing that he is to the founder of Hallelujah Challenge, Pastor Nathaniel Bassey. Pastor Nat is never shy of talking about Pastor Ben’s fatherly role in his life, and we are never shy of celebrating Pastor Ben’s role in all our lives and our nation.

Evang. Chuks brought the song ‘This kind God’ to the Christian community.  His visit was prophetic as it coincided with his birthday and he visited us with his wife of nearly three decades, on the night we were praying for kingdom marriages. Evangelist’s Chuks dexterity in praise and worship and his energy in dancing to God, are striking for a man who is 60 years of age.

Of course, we are going to sing Finally! Finally!! Min. Testimony Joe’s life is really a testimony. The way God put the song on our lips during the Challenge, reminded us that when God gives you an assignment for the world, even though there is a delay, hold on to faith, because finally, finally, the word will be loud.

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