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Hallelujah Challenge

Hallelujah Challenge is an hour-long online praise program unto the Lord. The sessions of praise hold daily during designated periods every year, as God leads the convener, Pastor Nathaniel Bassey. Commencing at 11:59PM, it features sessions of passionate praise and prayer. 

Hallelujah Challenge has become a mountain of high praises, fervent prayer, heartfelt worship, deliverance, breakthrough, miracles and signs.


See what the Lord has done!

Award of full scholarship

On the 21st of February 2022, I wrote this in my journal of testimonies during Hallelujah Challenge. "I see myself boarding a plane through Kenya to the UK for my studies. I will do my Masters in the UK. I see funds being made available for my Masters degree. Funds for tuition and funds for my upkeep. Funds to be able to help others too."

I am writing this testimony from my flat in Glasgow. I was awarded a full scholarship to study for my Masters in the UK. 
Glory to God who answers prayer.


God delivered me from years of the affliction of bedwetting

On the 9th Day of Hallelujah Challenge held earlier this year, that was 12 am February 14th, 2022 Nigerian time and February 13th, 2022 for me based on my time zone. Pastor Nath said and I quote,

"There is somebody under the sound of my voice, that embarrassing affliction of bedwetting, you are a lady very sophisticated and should not even be experiencing that but bedwetting.. it comes to an end today" and IT CAME TO AN END! It was me!!! As soon as Pastor Nath made that prophecy my network went off! I fell to my knees, and my friend who knew my struggle started reaching out to me and we praised God. 

For context, I am 25years old and had dealt with bedwetting for the longest, literally all through my high school days until University and even after. It was HELL for me before my healing came and I have come to give God all the Glory. Even after the prophecy, the devil tried it again with me on a few more occasions to test my faith but I trusted God and kept on replaying that word and declaring my healing, and GOD, My Jehovah Rapha, HE showed UP and Healed me completely! That evil affliction cost me my social life, and tested my faith! I always had to isolate or deal with the embarrassment, it instilled so much fear in me because it always came at random times in odd places too, especially when I would think oh it's gone for months, and then from nowhere in an attempt to embarrass me it just happens, I could barely sleep over at friends place, even at my own place.

 I could barely sleep or feel comfortable, I would deprive myself of water, today I don't like water because of that affliction and it affected my wellbeing as I would always prefer to stay awake up all night because it usually occurred 11 pm then I started staying awake past 11 pm then it moved to 2 am and I started staying up until 2 am and it moved to 3 am and even sometimes 6 am. I have just come to give God all the Glory for total deliverance. Thank you Almighty GOD for my life!



God as been faithful to me. I had a kind of vein pull on my right breast. It was so painful and I cried so hard the day Pastor Nath prayed for the woman that had a surgery for lump. I connected my faith with the prayer and God came through. I can’t feel any pain again and every thing in my body is back to normal.


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