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Let the high praises of God be in their mouth...

A mountain of praise and worship


Hallelujah Challenge is an hour-long online praise program unto the Lord. The sessions of praise are held daily during designated periods every year, as God leads the convener, Pastor Nathaniel Bassey. Commencing at 11:59PM, it features sessions of passionate praise and prayer. 

Hallelujah Challenge has become a mountain of high praises, fervent prayer, heartfelt worship, deliverance, breakthroughs, miracles, and signs.

Nathaniel Bassey   Hallelujah Challenge Praise Medley
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Court Case Dismissed

My water-to-wine testimony is here ooooh.
My husband had like a court case and we have been on this for the past 2 months. On the first day of the perfected praise hallelujah challenge, I danced like never before as pastor Nath asked us not to ask for anything from God but we should just praise him. To the glory of God on Wednesday morning we received a letter in post that my husband is free and no further action will be taken against him. Haaaaaa, Pastor Nath God did it oooooh! May the anointing on your head never run dry in Jesus name.


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