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Turning Praise into Breakthrough: Job Miracles for Me and My Husband

Hello Pastor Nathaniel, I joined Hallelujah challenge for the first time in February through the link sent to me by my daughter and ever since then my praise life has never remained the same.  On the first night of the just concluded Special Hallelujah challenge, you instructed that we should dedicate it to thanksgiving to God alone of which I obeyed wholeheartedly. Prior to that night I was believing God for some things first, I had gotten a job appointment 2 weeks before Hallelujah challenge began and my pre-employment checks had been dragging due to unwillingness of my current employer to give me work reference. After praising God that 1st night I received an email from my new employer that the work reference will no longer be needed that they confirmed and have completed all my pre-employment checks and a start date was given to me. Secondly, my husband also went for a job interview that same week and I wrote it in my jotter for God to grant him success. Lo and behold my husband was given his offer letter this week Tuesday. I want to appreciate God who is the sole doer of all these achievements in our lives to Him be all Glory.

Ola- United Kingdom.


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