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From Waiting to Working: My Journey of Faith and Employment

Hello people of God. My name is Itunnu. I’ve been applying for jobs since Jan 1st, 2024. I’m a registered Nurse, so I have always been told that job search would not be difficult. Much to my surprise, that wasn’t my situation, although it was for some schoolmates. I felt left behind, like my value was questionable. To me, I did everything by the book, I studied hard and I passed all my exams exceedingly, so this job search delay felt like some kind of joke.

For months, I had prayed and fasted. I had built up my faith so much that I was so sure of my blessing coming through. But alas, months had been passing and nothing was forthcoming. March (my birth month) came around and I was really believing in God for a birthday blessing, but the devil had other plans. I had thought so much and pushed myself into worrying so much that I had fallen prey to a Migraine Attack. My mind was not at rest, my sleep was no longer sweet, my sight and hearing were affected for 3 weeks plus. The devil was really tormenting me, but I said to God, “If anything, I want to celebrate wholly.” God came through, I celebrated and had a blast on my birthday! Thank you Jesus.

Fast forward to the last week in April, I finally had my first interview ever. I left the interview knowing it was not the right place for me. May 2024 comes now and I receive an “we regret to inform you” email. Funnily enough, I danced after receiving it because I was happy that at last, I was receiving responses from places. I no longer felt like a ghost.

For my current job, YES, your girl is now employed as of today. I did the interview Mid-May, and when I tell you that the interview was not attended by me, but the Holy Spirit. All I could say after the interview was, “What just happened?” It felt so natural like a casual conversation between old pals.

I had hoped my testimony would come yesterday, June 3rd at 3:33 pm. But surprise-surprise, it didn’t. I felt a little bit disappointed but I still worshipped God. I decided to go on a walk with my motive being to meet the Holy Spirit as my comforter. So, I was walking and listening to worship songs. That’s how the Holy Spirit said “open your mouth and start proclaiming and declaring dominion over this earth.”

The Lord said to me, “when the right time comes, I the Lord will make it happen.” That’s how I opened my email this morning and saw the offer there oh. It was more than what I had expected. After worshipping and praising God, the Holy Spirit asked me “what did you learn from this waiting time?”

The Holy Spirit told me where I got my validation from. A sinking sand he explained it as. It is by HIS grace, mercy, favor that I am what I am today, only His. I needed to be reminded that Time belonged To God, and Blessings come FROM God. When I look at God, ALL THINGS are added.

Thank you Jesus!

Thank you Lord!

And thank you Pastor Nathaniel, and the Hallelujah Challenge family, for being a place where we can come together to praise/enjoy God’s presence. I also thank you for being a well full of praise and joy where I can come and fetch fresh encouragement from, when needed.God bless you all,From a now working class girlie!



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