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From Joblessness to Joy: A Dream Fulfilled and a New Beginning

At about 6 a.m thereabout today 5/6/2024, my husband woke me up to show me his appointment letter that was sent to him this morning.  I was still asleep because I followed the hallelujah festival online. God has turned our water into wine. My husband has been out of job for almost 4 months and we kept trusting God to give him a new appointment. God did it. We are so grateful to God. Prior to this, a week ago I saw pastor Nathaniel in my dream at close range. He had a conversation with me. He handed me 2 car keys (big cars o). The dream felt so real. I keyed into that encounter and God has actually started with us. I use this testimony as a contact for other things we are trusting God for as a family.  God bless you Pastor Nathaniel, your family, your ministry and your entire team. You will never ever lack in life. Higher and Higher everyday.


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