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Conceived Against All Odds through Hallelujah Challenge

Praise the lord! I had been trying to conceive, I did several tests, at some point they said I have fibroid and ovarian cyst. Whenever I was on my period the flow would be so heavy and painful but I just kept believing God would do it. I lost count of the packs of PT that I bought. But during Hallelujah Challenge last year I had 3 prayer point and God answered all. Then Pst Nath asked us to dance like our miracle which I did and my husband was looking at me and he will dance with me and laugh at the same time. The following month God answered me and I’ll be due in 4weeks and I pray God that started this and made me carry this in full terms will definitely finish what he started and I know he has perfected all. Thank you, Pastor Nath, God will increase you more and more on every side.


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