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Healed of lump

Yeshua Hamashiya!!! has done it again.

For  some years now,My Mum had this lump in her throat She had  gone to see doctors but She refused to believe the results so after the halleluyah Challenge one morning She woke up and noticed She lost her voice, She was supposed to co-ordinate in church that day but couldn’t because She had lost her voice then later in the day She noticed the lump had gone Halleluyah!!!

Delivered from accident

The roaring Fire, Yeshua! He visited me today. Pastor nat during the challenge, one of the things I prayed for was untimely death. I would have lost my father today, were it not for the grace of God! So my Father’s car was hit by a truck today, damaged beyond repair, but he and his co traveller survived. Only by the grace of God! Here are the pictures of the car



Pastor Nath, I thank God for His faithfulness in my life. God has answered two of my requests. Firstly, I want to bless God for my salvation. The first request on my list is a better spiritual life. I rededicated my life during the Halleluyah Challenge and I must say it has been sweet. I am brand new!!! glory to God!!!

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